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decarbonation industry

Decarbonisation in industry: the importance of energy optimisation and decarbonisation of the energy mix

In this article, we’ll explore the strategies and challenges of industrial decarbonisation, as well as the reasons why decarbonisation and energy optimisation are essential in today’s industrial context. We’ll also look at the economic benefits that flow from these sustainable practices and present some concrete examples of energy transition.

[Press release] Optimistik opens subsidiary in China

We’re thrilled to announces the opening of our Chinese subsidiary. This event is part of the company’s international development strategy and its commitment to addressing the challenges of industrial organisations through digitalisation.

data-driven industry

Data-centric to data-driven: the real transformation behind industry 4.0

How to change the way data is managed in the organisation, scale-up digitisation and become a data-driven industry.

data contextualisation

Data contextualisation: a brief history, key aspects, and best practices

Contextualising data is a hot topic in the industrial sector. Although it’s not a new concept, it’s gaining attention as industries face growing challenges that can only be solved through contextualisation.

Advanced Batch Control for Industry ABC4I

“Advanced Batch Control for Industry”
ABC4I project

Real-time control and optimization of batch industrial processes: an innovative approach leveraging advances in online analysis, digitalization, and AI.

generalised usage of data

How can the use of data in the factory be generalised?

Industrial companies still fail to make widespread use of data in their plant. It is 2022 and this statement is still true. Why industrial companies are failing? Main obstacles and key drivers to scale-up data use in the plant…

energy performance industry

Energy performance in process manufacturing industry

The year 2022 is marked by tensions on energy supply. At the same time, new measures are being implemented to force players to reduce their CO2 emissions. Some of the causes of these tensions may be temporary, but most are structural and will persist…


Industry data driven operational teams

Data and digitization are transforming deeply how operational teams are working, and we must say, it is a great opportunity for them as well as for their organisation.

vignette productivite

Industrial productivity: how to deliver more from assets?

Productivity is a key challenge for industrials. Producing more from existing assets has several positive impacts on profitability. But how can it be improved?

site adisseo

Group-wide digital transformation: Adisseo’s experience

Through the implementation of OIAnalytics on Adisseo’s sites, discover the key success factors of a successful group-wide digital transformation.

data performance

Achieving sustainable performance with data

How can a global approach to data improve your performance in the long term? Move from data to action and improve your performance.

facteur influent process

Process influencing factors identification: wich strategy?

Discover the objectives of identifying the factors influencing a production process, our approach and the approach we recommend.

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence 2.0: EMI

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence: solutions to enhance the value of information, focused on the uses and autonomy of users around data.


A collaboration tool to improve productivity: Toshiba’s experience

Now implemented on the toner production line, the OIAnalytics solution provides TOSHIBA Dieppe’s teams with a collaborative tool to improve productivity and industrial performance.

Remote support for industrial performance

Facilitating interactions between teams: how does digitalization make it possible to dematerialize support for industrial performance?