Agro-industry 4.0 : improve its performance through data analysis

Transform your data into useful information for monitoring

For our customers in the agro-industry (sugar, cereal processing, animal nutrition, etc.), our data processing solutions simplify the monitoring and control of transformation processes, whether for batch or continuous processes (heat treatment, separation, extraction, purification, crystallisation, mixing, extrusion, atomisation, drying, formulation, etc.). All data (on-line sensors, recipes, laboratory and operator analyses, production timing, etc.) are integrated into a single monitoring tool. We then process them to transform them continuously and automatically into relevant information with regard to your challenges (material balance, yields, IPE, availability rate, specific consumption of ingredients, quality, etc.).

Facilitate investigations and traceability work

All of this information is then available to the operational and support teams to build their management dashboards and continuously updated reports, to carry out their investigations and thus save them precious time. In particular, for batch production, the timing of production, continuous data and data collected at the batch level are aggregated to form homogeneous synthetic information per batch.

Simplify the experts analysis work

To take the industry digitalisation a step further, the algorithms of our data analysis tools allow you to understand how the performance of your processes is affected by the many factors you face: quality of raw materials, recipes, control parameters, and thus make the right decisions. They also allow you to define the operating conditions that will allow you to reproduce the best past performances.

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