Increase your plant productivity

You want to :
‣ Better understand your opportunities to improve productivity.
‣ Go beyond OEE and improve the performance of your equipments or production lines.

Automate the tracking of your OEE

Where possible, our tools can be set to automatically generate the information needed to monitor your OEE from the data collected by your production automation systems. If not all the data is available, the missing data can be easily entered by operators. So you can build your OEE automatically, manually or in a hybrid way, depending on your context. We can also collect data directly from your existing OEE system if you have one and want to keep it in place while getting more value from the data it generates.

A new approach to OEE that goes beyond measurement

Our OEE approach is much broader than just measuring OEE. We model OEE in such a way that the data generated can be easily used for traditional OEE management (tracking of OEE indicators, pareto analysis of losses…) while offering you new possibilities:
‣ Fully customisable OEE reports and analysis dashboards
‣ Combine OEE-related data (production stoppages, opening periods…) with other process data, opening up many new applications and analysis possibilities.
‣ Integrate the data derived from your OEE data into your dashboards, control cards, influence analysis… just like any other data from the Contextualisation Engine.

Leverage your data to improve productivity

As a result, you can better understand how your productivity is affected by other parameters, investigate the root cause of productivity loss and take the right corrective and improvement actions.

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