A collaboration tool to improve productivity: Toshiba’s experience

A collaboration tool to improve productivity: Toshiba’s experience


In Dieppe since 1986, Toshiba has been one of the world’s two major toner production sites since 1993. Toshiba Dieppe packs toner cartridges for the European market and exports part of their powder production to China and Asia.

In 2017, Toshiba Dieppe undertook a wave of transformation to create a factory for the future. It received “Industry of the future” certification in March 2019.

The OIAnalytics solution is part of this project for the digitization of processes and the availability, sharing and analyzing of collected data.

Currently used for toner production, the OIAnalytics solution provides Toshiba teams with a collaboration tool to improve productivity and industrial performance.


By massively exporting their data, Toshiba teams were able to quickly identify previously undetected information about their production processes.

The use of dashboards enhances communication with both field teams and the Japan headquarters, ensuring daily online visibility of data and analytics.

Less time-consuming operations with low added value, such as entry and recording, allow operators and engineers to focus on their core activities.

Data exports are also used to track products from batches of raw materials to packaging.

Thanks to optimization envisaged with the solution, Toshiba’s Dieppe teams plan to use OIAnalytics for all their toner production, then for plastic and bottling activities in the future.