Group-wide digital transformation: Adisseo’s experience

Group-wide digital transformation: Adisseo’s experience

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Adisseo began a digital transformation several years ago. More recently, the approach has been scaled to group-wide level to gain efficiency and a competitive edge.

The OIAnalytics solution is part of the Display 4.01 project which began in January 2019. The solution is being used for digitizing processes and the availability, sharing and analyzing of collected data.

The solution is now being used at CINATech’s sites in Roches-Roussillon, Commentry, Burgos (Spain) and coming soon to the Bayonne and Nanjing (China) sites and CINABio.

Group-wide digital transformation: Adisseo’s testimony

Adisseo is a subsidiary of the Chinese group ChemChina BlueStar, specialized in the production of additives and nutrition solutions. With 15 production sites and 10 research centers around the world, Adisseo provides products and services to the animal food sector.


  • global data collection and visualization
  • quick access to data in one place
  • simplified information sharing
  • data compilation from different sources including processes, economics and materials
  • less time-consuming operations with low added value
  • new ways to gain a competitive edge
  • early detection of process errors
  • stable optimized performance by manufacturing equipment

The OIAnalytics solution has become essential to field teams, placing control and expertise at the center of operations to improve performance.