Contextualize your data

You want to access to insightful information from your process in real time? You want to aggregate and combine heterogenous data coming from multiple sources? You want to avoid time-consuming data-preparation? You want your teams to easily share data? You want to build advanced indicators computed from your data, based on your business knowledge?

Our contextualization engine is here to simplify your life around industrial data. First, it allows you to structure and store your different types of data (timeseries, events, production data, traceability, genealogy…) relying on a data model specifically designed for industrial process. Thanks to this pre-defined data model, our it allows you to easily combine and transform your data into insightful information with predefined data treatment approaches. All the data processing by the contextualization engine is done continuously, thus providing you with information always up to date. This contextualization engine is 100% configurable to give you maximum agility around your data.

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