DMAIC : process-control

Put your process under control

You want to :
‣ Take control of your manufacturing processes to improve their performance
‣ Implement and deploy SPC or 6 Sigma approaches by taking advantage of digitalisation

Analyse your process capability or use Advance Analytics

Our Process Control module helps you to implement a Statistical Process Control (SPC) approach with automated and dynamic control cards combined with alarm generation. It can be used to enforce controls whatever the way you used to define the limits. You can define limits :
‣ Manualy based on your experience or specific requirements.
‣ By using the capability (Cp, Cpk) analysis tool included in the Process Control module.
‣ By using the advanced multivariate analysis and optimization tool available in the Advanced Analytics module of the solution.

Flexible and Dynamic control cards

The control limits can be set and managed according to the context (type of product to be produced, output rate of the production line…) and can therefore be dynamically displayed and controlled according to this context. Benefiting from the power of the Contextualisation Engine, control can be set on any raw or calculated data to meet simple to complex surveillance needs.

Easily deploy Controls and Alarms

The way the Process Control module is implemented allows you to create either detailed control cards or a synthetic view that summarises parameters that are out of control. It supports all types of alerts found in traditional SPC approaches. Based on these alerts, you can trigger alarm messages (SMS, email) to keep your team in control.

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