“We believe that operational teams are the key to industrial performance. We empower them by simplifying the usage of data in the plant”

Industry challenges

We are convinced that industry has several challenges that can be tackled with the help of data

Difficult access to trained workforce and expertise, absolute necessity to reduce its impact on our environment while producing efficiently at best cost to satisfy its customers… are some of these industry challenges.

In parallel, we can see that process manufacturing plants generate large amount of data barely used. This means many opportunities of improvement are missed.

“Industrial companies could capture millions of margin if they take the next step in their digital transformation and achieve widespread use of data in their plants”

We are a software company providing solutions to process manufacturing industry. Our team is rich of profiles with strong experience in data, software development and more importantly in process industry. That means we understand well the needs of our customers. To empower operational teams with data our solution integrates latest technologies (Big Data, AI, ML, IoT…) to answer their challenges. We focus around three pillars:

User experience first

Our solution is intuitive to be used by everybody in the plant. Data should not be a subject limited to data experts but must be a lever used by all stakeholders.

Data with CONTEXT

Raw data are useless. We provide context by proper business labelling, combination, aggregation and transformation to deliver proper insights to users.

vertical solution

Capitalising on our experiences, we offer an integrated solution tailor-made for process manufacturing plants, 100% configurable by our customers. 

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