Digitizing industrial pilots: Eramet’s experience

Digitizing industrial pilots: Eramet’s experience

Eramet Ideas, a subsidiary of the R&D and innovation group Eramet, conducts testing campaigns using industrial pilots. Engineers and technicians are working on process improvements to develop new technologies for metallurgy and recycling.

Challenges for digitizing industrial pilots

Before implementing the OIAnalytics solution, the challenge for Eramet Ideas was to quickly and autonomously implement data collection from industrial pilot processes and simplify processing.

Solutions for implementation

One of the first objectives was to render data collection autonomous, knowing that it was previously collected on paper using forms and job specs. Data could then be stored and structured using the Data Lake Process.

With structured and harnessed data, Eramet Ideas can access information in real time. Fast and comprehensive visualization of operating conditions makes it possible to immediately detect errors so they can be anticipated and acted on at any time.


The OIAnalytics solution gives operational teams the opportunity to take back control and improve pilot performance. Ergonomics and simplified use have improved daily life for users and made the solution more accessible in the field. Engineers also save 50% of time spent producing research reports thanks to extensive data retention and export capacity.

Photo Eric Bongrand – edgd.fr

In 2019, Eramet and Optimistik were awarded the Chemistry Initiatives Trophy for their work together on the digitization of processes to reproduce the group’s pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy and mineralogy technologies.