Bioprocesses and biotechnologies: improve performance through data analysis

Transform your data into useful information for management

For our customers implementing industrial bioprocesses, our solutions simplify the processing of data from all production processes: cultivation, fermentation or bio-conversion, but also downstream processes (heat treatment, separation, extraction, purification, crystallisation, drying, etc.). All data (online sensors, recipes, laboratory and operator analyses, production timing, etc.) are integrated into a single monitoring tool. In particular, for batch production, the production rate, genealogy information, continuous data and data collected at batch level are aggregated to form homogeneous synthetic information per batch.

It is then continuously transformed into relevant information with regard to your challenges (material balance, yields, specific consumption of ingredients, quality, sterilisation scales, specific productivity, volume, etc.) thanks to a powerful calculation engine. All of this information is then available to operational and support teams to build their management dashboards and continuously updated reports, carry out their investigations and thus save them precious time.

Understanding the performance variability origin and getting it under control

Going further, the algorithms in our data analysis tools allow you to understand how the performance of your processes is affected by the many factors you face:

  • On the biological part: quality of raw materials (carbonaceous substrates, protein sources, etc.), recipes, operating parameters (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, aeration, agitation, optical density, etc.), strains used, etc.
  • On the downstream part: quality of the product from the upstream, operating conditions of each process, etc.

And so make the right decisions.

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