Industrial companies could capture millions of margin…

…if they take the next step in their digital transformation and achieve widespread use of data in their plants

Accelerate your transformation into a Data-Driven industrial organisation

There are many obstacles on the path toward a Data-Driven industrial organisation. Optimistik’s solutions help you accelerate your digital transformation and get a high level of adoption by tackling the following challenges:


Data collection

‣ collect data from multiple and heterogeneous systems
‣ collect data in real time


Data contextualisation

‣ organise heterogeneous data
‣ transform these data into meaningful business informations
‣ structure a common and shared business information repository


Data-Driven cultural shift

‣ leverage data in Business Apps and Analysis Tools that operational teams can customise by themselves
‣ implement user-friendly and business focused Apps and Tools for a widespread adoption

Adopt the Operational Intelligence solution designed for process manufacturing industry

OIAnalytics™️ is our operational intelligence solution that combines all the needs of a plant around data. It allows industrials to:

‣ Accelerate the digitalisation of their manufacturing activities
‣ Reduce the time, effort and cost required to improve plant performance
‣ Multiply the effects on their performance thanks to a widespread use of data throughout the organisation
‣ Be more agile an resilient to market changes

OIAnalytics™️ is completed by OIBus, our real time edge data collection solution to facilitate the exchange of data with your OT and IT systems.

data-driven plant operations for industrial performance

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Discover how our customers get value with OIAnalytics™️


Key factors for a successful digital transformation and deployment of a group-wide industrial data solution to improve plants efficiency.


Autonomously set up the collection of data from industrial pilots to get the proper feedback to adjust pilot operation in real-time and shorten post pilot data processing.


Provide teams with a collaborative tool share data from plant operations, quality control… to improve productivity process stability and overall industrial performance.

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