Industrial companies still fail to make widespread use of data in their plants

Generalised usage of data for performance has been a priority for most companies… But many opportunities are still being missed in determining the root cause of process inefficiencies, resulting in millions of lost margin.
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Operational intelligence Solution

OIAnalytics™️ is the operational intelligence solution that combines all the needs of a plant around data. It allows industrials to:

‣ Accelerate the digitalisation of their activities through a widespread adoption of the use of data by operational teams.

‣ Reduce the time, effort and cost required to improve plant performance.

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Addressing the key obstacles to a data driven industrial organisation

User experience first

Our solutions and their interfaces are designed to provide a unique experience for industrial users, enabling them to be fully autonomous and agile. This translates into exceptional customer adoption and satisfaction.

Data with context

Data from multiple sources are combined into information in real time. This information is presented to users in their business context (batch, cycle, parts, genealogy…) to create a common repository. This allows our customers to save a significant amount of time by having access to reliable information at all times for their monitoring, reporting or analysis needs.

Vertical solution

We combine extensive industry experience with the latest technologies to deliver solutions that incorporate in-depth industry knowledge (data models, data processing and applications). This results in faster implementation and much quicker gains.

“We believe that operational teams are the key to industrial performance. We empower them by simplifying the use of the data in the factory”

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Key factors for a successful digital transformation and deployment of a group-wide industrial data solution to improve plants efficiency.


Quickly and autonomously set up the collection of data from industrial pilots to get the proper feedback to adjust pilot operation in real-time and shorten post pilot data processing.


Provide teams with a collaborative tool share data from plant operations, quality control… to improve productivity process stability and overall industrial performance.

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